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Batt insulation is the most widely used insulation. By its versatility and speed of installation, this option is considered one of the most economical choice on the market. It meets the requirements of the Building Code of Canada, reduces air infiltration and helps to reduce the costs of heating and cooling. The glass fibers are so small that thousands of tiny air pockets created reinforce its resistance to heat transfer.


  • Excellent value for money;

  • Fire resistant;

  • Durable, will not have to be replaced;

  • Resistant to mold and moisture;

  • Resistant thermal efficiency of heat transfer, reducing energy consumption.

Main Usage

  • Insulation of exterior walls;

  • Cathedral ceiling insulation;

  • Insulating basement walls;

  • Flat ceiling insulation;

  • Acoustic insulation for interior walls, ceilings or floors.

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