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SPRAY FOAM (Polyurethane)


Spray Foam is the most efficient Insulation product currently available on the market. It allows for very large energy and money saving by adding a product with an exceptionally high R-factor. This insulation is sprayed and can be applied to all kinds of materials such as wood, metal, concrete, etc.. It seals the building envelope to prevent loss of heat or air conditioning. At the same time, it restricts unconditioned air from entering the building and due to its unique features, no vapor barrier is required.


  • Waterproof product that prevents leaks and air infiltration;

  • It's unique property allows it to act as a vapor barrier;

  • Highly resistant, once applied there will be no deterioration of it's thermal capacity;

  • The highest R factor of all insulation product with R-7 per inch;

  • The foam is resistant to most oils, solvents and other chemicals;

  • Odorless product;

  • It is stable, it remains firmly in place without crashing or crumbling over time;

  • It adheres to any surface, eliminating air pockets that might be left by other types of insulation;

  • Very adhering it can be used on any kind of surface such as steel, wood, concrete, metal etc..;

  • Simple and quick installation;

Main Usage

  • Insulating the attic;

  • External wall insulation;

  • Insulation of the foundation, brick wall, concrete;

  • Isolation of the belt;

  • Windows Insulation.

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